Monday, 31 January 2011


Working Title - WAXED

Distributor - Boardshore

Production - Cliffanger

Group Members - Melodie AbrahamSophie Dixon and Emily Moore.

Brief - Our task is to create the opening 2 minutesof a new feature film including an original soundtrack, producer and distributor and the company idents. 

Synopsis - The basic idea is that a beautician runs her own salon in the center of Ilkley. She is apsychopath in the fact that she has become bitter towards the media of how humans should be perfect and have the perfect body skin etc. When she sees that the two customers have not made any effort with their image, like she has, they become a prime target. She kills off one with an axe and the audience is left wondering through narrative enigma what happens to the other customer. 

Target Audience - Our target audience ranges from15 to 25. We have applied a 15 certificate because we did not want to narrow down the audience to 18 viewers and not allow a wide age range. Our film is also for both female and male viewers as it contains a lead female role which will attract female viewers but also has actionviolence and sex appeal for the male viewers.

Genre - We have chosen to apply the ‘slasher’genre to our film as it attracts a large audience. We have noticed that there is an audience for our film as films like Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This film has been a main focus for ours as it has influenced the mise-en-scene and gore effects in our film. 

Mise-en-scene - Our location is in the center of Ilkey in a small semi-detached salon calledAngels Retreat. There is also an alley running by the side of the salon which provides aneeriness to the setting. Our killer is wearing ablack beautician uniform with a plunging neckline and her face will be heavily made up. The two customers will be wearingmodest/day to day clothing. There will be various props that will be used such astweesers, nail files, wax, candles and an axewhich will be used by the killer. One of the previous A2’s coursework influenced our decision to use candles because it is key contributor for the lighting in our film and it also gives a sinister effect.

Cast and Crew  - 

Killer: Katie Mallows

We wanted to break the stereotype of the killer always being a male and therefore we were looking for a female with brown short hair and of average height. We want the killer to be heavily made up and originally the killer will be in her early 30’s.

Customer 1: Colette Howarth

To break the stereotype of the victim normally being a blonde and busty character we wanted the scream queen to take up a more modest and reserved role. We feel that having Colette as the actress will support our decision.

Customer 2: George Clayton

We chose to have a male victim for our film because we feel that it would contribute to the fact of breaking the tradition of always having female victims. George has the main features we were looking for e.g brown hair, brown eyes and average height. 


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