Monday, 31 January 2011

Deconstruction: Halloween (John Carpenter) (1978) ALL

Budget: $320,000 
Genre: Horror.
Box Office: $60,000,000

- The reflecting candle flame from the pumpkin is used to signify hell.
- The music is fast paced and is a combination of slow string notes.
- Illinois comes up on the screen with a black background in a white Sans Seriff font which signifies good and evil. This also shows that it is set in middle America.
- 'Halloween Night 1963' - Provides anchorage
- Long shot/point of view shot of the house (camera is shaking)
- Establishing shot of a detached house - middle class, suburban neighborhood/safe
- Horror signified by : Pumpkin
- Night time - Shadows, moonlight, blue tint applied, cold, unpleasant
- Sound - Owl/Gothic horror 

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