Saturday, 29 January 2011

Deconstruction: Peeping Tom (Michael Powell) (1960)

Budget: £135,000.
Genre: Horror.
Box Office: $83,000.
- Establishing shot: Extreme close up of the eye.
- Woman on high street suspected prostitute: dresses in red (signifies danger,sex blood etc.) with fishnet tights and heels
- Prostitute also signified by vocabulary choices
- Prostitute killed off for being bad (sexually active quite young paid for moneypunished for being sexually active).
- Slight blue tint signifies horror.
- White text signifies seriousness.
- Screen shots give home video anchorge when the killer films his victims deaths with black horizonal and vertical lines across screens.
- Man enters a newsagents with naked/topless woman on magazines on the door signifies the film will later include nudity and sexual scenes.
- Beginning based around a brothel where he films his first victim, brothel signified by scruffy house with alot of beds and clothes scattered on the floor.
- Possible scream queen signified by long blonde hair, glamour model signified by the clothes she wears eg. red corset suspenders and high heels.
- Clothing at party signifies occasion maybe birthday due to the amount of guest. Later anchored by birthday cake and age saying 21.
- Accent signifies upper/middle class.
- Red light signifies blood/danger/sex etc.
- Main character had a troubled child hood and was maybe abused by his father anchored by hime filming him being disturbed in his sleep and putting a lizard on him to scare him (could be suffering from mental problems).


  1. Good - tho a still or 2 to illustrate your points would help
    Try reading an article (or look it up in a book index) about this film, even just the wiki - its very famous and has been written about a lot again recently (eg Film Guardian...)
    Remember to work on Links Lists for your blog, eg Films I've Analysed...

  2. thats a huge pic at top of your blog btw!


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