Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Brief outline of our coursework idea - WAXED.

The idea of our film opening is:
 about a woman who owns a salon in a small town, she is around thirty years old and has just been through a break up with her boyfriend of 7 years, She tortures her customers in her salon using salon equipment e.g hot wax, hence the name, before killing them off.

The beginning of the opening will consist of the salon owner/killer setting up before her customers arrive for their appointments.

The target audience: for our film is teens and above but is not suitable for under 15's.
The mise-en-scene: will be a made up woman with tied back hair and beauty equipment in the room.
We will shoot our opening in a real beauty salon in Ilkley.
There is narrative enigma: at the start you think she is the victim not the killer.
For the cast: we are going to hopefully have a real beauty technician to play the role of the killer.
We will have 2 women waiting in the waiting room to be seen to and a customer we see in the opening being tortured.
Shot types: We will have a panning shot of the outside of the salon, a point of view shot from the salon owner, a close up of the wax equipment, a close of of a kettle boiling and a medium close up of the other customers that are waiting.

The ending will be the salon owner coming out of the room and saying 'who's next please.' she smiles at the two women waiting and one of the gets up and walks towards her. The killer beings to follow her through the door.