Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Deconstruction: Toolbox Murders (Dennis Donnelley) (1978) ALL

Budget: Low Budget film ($185,000)
Box office: Non as it was banned in cinemas until 2000.

Toolbox murders is a horror film about a maniac killer in a ski mask in an apartment block killing off the residents with nly the instruments in the tool box he carries and was banned in the UK until 2000 after being released in 1978. There is a scene in the bath which links it to American Psycho.

1. Horror film signified by non digetic sound, music genre is clearly denoted.
2. San Cerif font in red signifies Blood and horror.
3. Flash backs are signified by an orange tinit on screen.
4. Time period is signified by the clothing the actors/actresses wear amd that they are upper/middle class.
5. Weapon (drill) also signifies horror.
6. Unfitting music in the apartment block does not provide anchorage and instead signifies oppositional reading.

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