Monday, 24 January 2011

Filming Arrangments

We are filming on tuesdays the 25th of January. We are filming in the salon 'Angels Retreat'. We have made this decission because our origional cast were not able to get to the previous set location- the home salon on silsden moor also the location of the salon is in Ilkley so we can access it more easily and there is a wider range of equipment.

Although we originally said we were going to film in a secluded location on Silsden moor we have decided to change to a salon in ilkley so our cast can access it easily to film and we can take any further shots if we forget on Tuesday (tomorrow).

We think becasue its quite a small salon with street lamps outside it would be a better choice, also there are more than just one room with beauty equipment in. As the salon is call angels retreat it is ironic because we'll obviously be filming violent and murdering scenes.

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