Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pre-lim Improvements.

We could have made some improvements to our pre-lim tasks if we had more time to plan. The improvements we would of made are as follows;

1. Better story line- we would of planned a better idea to shoot our pre-lim. With more time we could of done casting even though in this case it wouldn't of mattered that much. It only would of been a better representation to have an older actor playing the teacher.

2. Better use of props-  We could of used better props when do the filming. we could of used a school uniform as anchorage that Sophie was the student and smart clothing for the teacher. This would of made our preferred reading better to understand for the audience.

3. We should of used a tripod which would of stopped the film becoming 'shaky'. As we were holding the camera during all the filming some or the shots were fuzzy.

4. We would of made a better script- the one we used doesnt use much dialogue and the speech in the pre-lim.

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