Monday, 24 January 2011

Deconstruction:Bride of Chucky (Ronnie Yu) (1998) ALL

Budget: $25,000,000
Genre: Horror
Released in 1998 Bride of Chuckie is a story about dolls, Chucky 'hooks up' with another doll, the murderous couple target two high school graduates.

1. Blue tint used to show its a horror and shows it was filmed in a high budgert Hollywood studio with this technology.
2. White text on Black backgroun again signifies horror/seriousness.
3. America 'the great' flag shown flying which is ironic because they say america is a great nation although they conduct murders and violence.
4. Flashing signifies lightning/ somebody has been there previously.
5. Uses a range of shot types such as panning, extreme close up, establishing, extreme long shot , deutcsh angle shot etc.
6. Mask and chainsaw are shown on screen - intertextual from Friday the 13th.
7. Point of view shot used to shot the vulnerablility of the victim.

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