Saturday, 29 January 2011

Deconstruction: Axe (Frederica R Friedel) (1997)

Budget: Non given.

1. Close up tracking shot of a tree then moves down to a secluded house on a hillside.
2. Establishing shot of a detached house.
3. White and red tittle seuence and white text on black background showing names.
4. Tracking shot of ceiling.
5. Men in suits signifies that they are upper class maybe business men with cigars.
6. Business meeting dressed corporatly.
7. Holding someone hostage while they wait for the other victims to join them so they can beat them up and kill them maybe they are loan sharks?
8. Quality of colour signifies the time period with low technologies and anchorsthat the film is not a new release.
9. Lift close up big relevance later on in the film maybe.
10. Drums non digetic sound in the background to buld up the audiences tension as they wait for the victims to arrive.
11. Violence signified by outfits and guns anchoring they are gangsters.
12. Point of view shot from the victims are all over the place as they are being beaten up.

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