Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Deconstruction: Saw (James Wan) (2004) ALL

Budget: $1.2 milllion.
Genre: Horror.
Box Office UK: £6.6million.
               US: $55 million.

Saw is a film about two victims waking up in amurder lair of a serial killer named 'Jigsaw' where he orders them to take part in a 'game to survive'.

1. Narrative enigma used, we dont see the killers face at any point.
2. Digetic sound is used in a darkened room
3. Anchorage of the time period from the clothing and tape recorder.
4. Anchorage of the setting given by the accent of the actors/actresses (American)
5. Binary Opposition, two oppsite characters one being a doctor and the other quite scruffy middle class looking guy (scruffy clothes, jeans).
6. There is no killer which is unusual for a horror but expected in Saw films as they have to work together and survive or kill themselves.
7. 15-24 (and upwards) Audience like our film opening coursework task, which is shown in Saws box office .

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  1. I've skimmed through a few of these - some excellent detail and analysis
    But try to apply the multimedia features mentioned earlier, and work up your own summary of (1) what you've learned from these about the genre and its conventions (2) which aspects have/are influencing your production
    Once you each have YOUR OWN summary on these things, then get together as a group, compare notes and create a vodcast discussing your take on the genre, after writing up a brief summary as a group
    ******make sure to pass on the same comment to emily and melodie*******


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