Saturday, 29 January 2011

Deconstruction: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Robert Shaye)

Budget: $1.8million
Genre: Horror
Box Office: $10.8million
1. Establishing shot in a macanics? Wait for anchorage.
2. Making some sort of blade for a knife - signifies violence to come.
3. A number of short take closeups one after the other a common characteristic of horror films aims especially those that are aimed at teens to keep them interested because they get bored easily.
4. Extreme long shot after close-up of potential victim- scream queen with blonde short hair.
5. Victim running down a corridoor by herself being followed?
6. Dark corridoor with a blue tint signifies horror.
7. Victim dressed in a nightgown/pajamas signifying it could be a dream or she could of escaped from somewhere.
8. False scare of a sheep following her instead of a killer- used to scare the audience so they dont anticipate the real scare and find it more scary.
9. Abandoned factory/warehouse anchored by mise-en-scene such as mental/iron equipment and smoke rising from machinery.
10. White text on black background signifies seriousness.
11. Orange tint signifies heat in the boiler room
12. No speech, signifying another dimension or under some sort of medication.
13. Non digetic and digetic sound eg when she screams at the end of the dream before waking up.

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