Friday, 4 March 2011

Ideas for soundtrack throughout

SD - There are a number of places in the opening that we have identified when we definatly want sound these include the following.

  • Establishing shots of the salon should be quite high pitched like in Psycho.
  • Low strings when George is approaching the salon.
  • Creepy music before Katie slams the scissors into the pot on the desk in the downstairs of the salon.
  • No sound when Katie is looking at the mirror seeing Colette and George.
  • A revelation in sound when George finds the book in the draw quoting 'The good and the bad' to show its relevance and intertexuality to the text.
  • Lots of scary and creepy music every time George is on screen to suggest he's no innocent in it either to make the audience think who is the killer waiting for anchorage to be applied later in the text.
  • Something again like Psycho when Katie's hand is approaching the handle of the sun bed.
  • Sound that will jolt the audience when the title WAXED appears on screen.
  • The sound of Katie axing Colette in the sunbed needs to big and a flesh cutting sound.

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