Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation- Q2.

How does your media product represent different social groups?
There are many stereotypes in the slasher genre as much as any other genre for example Scream Queens (A woman on screen simply to attract the male gaze just there to be looked at and usually the first to be killed, no real relevance to the stortline)
A classic example of your typical scream queen in horror genre would be Demi Moore starring in Scream or Jamie Lee-Curtis in Halloween. Both of which are renowned now for their work in these films and if we'd of had the opportunity we would of encorporated in our opening. Although in our film we have encoroporated a scream queen in the sense that Colette is blonde she isnt particually done up compared to Katie (the killer) so instead of the usual killing in horror due to a female being sexually active we have made it so Katie kills Colette because she isnt representing women in the way she wants because she isnt glamourous and groomed as she feels women should be and in the way she does wearing a beauticans outfit with a slit down the centre to show her large chest, this is also linked to our target audience as males in the ages of 15-24 lets just say enjoy looking at this and would expect her to be killed which is why we chose to challenge this.
Final Girl (A woman starring in a film that is the opposite of a scream queen, more intelligent and 'geeky' tending to survive the film) Although there isnt a final girl yet we would of liked to incoropoate one but obviously we had a time limit of two minutes because it was only an opening. We either would have gone with your typical final girl being brunette and maybe have glasses to signify intelligence, educated and upper class characteristics of final girl or a countertype of this similarly to what we've done previously and gone for more of a scream queen to shock the audience and challenge its typical conventions of the genre and idea that all blonde woman are thick or just 'slags' as this is the way they're portrayed in horror films.
The Male killer (the man often looking mysterious and quite distant and 'weird' similar to the character Tom in Peeping Tom a quiet character that turns out to be a strange charcater taunted by his father through his childhood causing him to enjoy viewing torture and murders) We wanted our audience to perscieve George as this kind of charcter signified by his shyness around women (when Colette tries to address him when he arrives in the waiting room) we can connote from our text that George is rummaging through the draws looking for something quite frantically to find a photo or images of clients or the owners family, the whole reason as to why his in the salon in the first place to later use it against the killer (Katie) and kill her off.

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