Sunday, 20 March 2011

Evaluation- Q1.

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  • Titles and credits (idents)
  • Establishing shot (often with blue tint for horror genre films)
  • Sound track, digetic or non digetic.
  • Tracking shots.
  • Mise-en-scene to provide anchorage of genre and the idea of the film.
  • Following one specific main character (protagonist)
Forms and conventions are what the audience expect from a horror film when they view one. The idea of horror is to scare the viewer which most teens enjoy. In your average horror you'll have a soundtrack that will physologically lower your heart rate and the change very fast to confuse the body psychologically. Usually in horrors the killer is male because they signify strength and masculinity by clothing choices and other choices such as facial hair would signify masculinity and rough a likely killer in a horror film although in our production Waxed we have chosen to have a female killer because we wanted to put a feminist spin on our take on the horror genre not only for a change but to show how rediculous and powerful choices can be but also to show how rediculous clothing, makeup footwear choice can signify gender for example why does a skirt signify femininity? Why can men wear skirts and not be laughed or pointed at?
Judith Butlers theory on the idea that we decide that we show the world we are male and female by the way we dress and that gender doesnt exist it is something we perform we as people are taught to be male or female from a young age.
We decided for the titles to go for a white text to signify seriousness although we went against the idea of Serif font because we wanted to show that a font choice cant make a huge difference to a production and we didnt want to give to much away as the titles are at the beginning of the opening we hoped this wouldnt form an oppositional reading for the viewers but we thought with the sound track over it that would provide sufficiant anchorage involving high strings like Psycho. We have low and high notes throughout the opening which we hoped would signify binary oposition to the audience of the two customers in the salon althoguh we should of gone for the shot reverse shot when the two were talking to eahother to show binary oppositon better.
The slightly low angled shot of our killer is a countertype of your normal horror film signifying womens power and a feminist spin on the genre later anchored by the dialogue at the end 'Time up b*itch' showing strength usually a male representative which is what the whole idea of the production is about.
We went with the idea in the end of narrative enigma of the killer, a usual convention in horror, even though we wanted the audience not to know who the killer was it was hard to do this from the coverage we'd taken because George was shown although we tried to make him seem mysterious for example the high strings music when hw was approaching the salon and when he was rooting through the draws in the upstairs of the salon although the opposiotional reading looked like he was getting nervous and looking for a weapon which was polysemic.
We also decided to have a blonde scream queen and we wanted her to come across a quite ditzy, and although she didnt have a large chest her legs were constantly on screen and we used the towel coming of her in the sunbed to signify the Katie was killing her because she was sexually active. We wanted to bring in the male gaze that would attract our target audience being males and females 15-24 and we thought we needed to do this because some people might say its a womans film because of the feminist spin on genre.
We wanted Katie to appear as a mysterious character and represent violence so the close up of her slamming the scissors into the pot on the desk is used to connotes violence. We feel that the salon setting has achieved verisimilitude obviously because it is where beauty treatments take place unlike or origional idea of a home salon. If we applied the communtation test and had katie wearing jeans and t-shirt she wouldnt seem professional and we wouldnt be creating a sense of realism.

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