Sunday, 20 March 2011

Final cut

SD- In our final cut we have used fast paced editing to fit with out target audience (being 15-24 and above) for eaxmple we have done fast paced editing when there is the false scare of Colettes scream to go with the mood and how we want the audience to feel aswell as George (customer 2) because of target audience we had to used faced paced editing but found from audience feedback that when we used it for most of the opening that they didnt understand what was going on also Dave said that in parts (such as when George was in the draw in the opening) that because it was good fast paced editing we should of made it longer but we didnt have time to go back to the location to get more coverage because from what we did take the shots didnt fit together properly and we need verisimilitude for our opening to be sucessful.

Final cut with everything- WAXED. from sophie dixon on Vimeo.

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  1. Nice! Soundtrack makes a huge difference.
    1 thing on titles: "filmed by"??? Cinematography by (better to sep this and edited by)


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