Friday, 26 November 2010

Deconstruction of Matchmaker

Film name: Matchmakers
A Working Title film.

Non-digetic sound from the tv in the room.
Accent of the people on screen denotes the film is set in Ireland.
Digetic sound at the beginning of the film to introduce and give anchorage that it is a romantic comedy.
Non-digetic sound played on the radio on the bus.

Shot types:
180 degree shots between the two participants at the begging of the film.
Lots of long takes to give us more information on the setting and idea

Tittles on screen give us more anchorage of the location of the film where it was shot.
Slogans on t-shirts and flags etc we can denote that there is an election going on
One of the main characters is referred to as senator giving us more anchorage that the film theme is based around an election.

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