Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Top Five Films:

Home Alone (1990

Box Office US:
Box Office UK:

This is my favourite film because it's the one that I used to watch with my family every year. I think it's a great idea for a film as any kid would love to be left at home by themselves which is why it did so well. Family film classic suitable for a wide audience because of the humour it's also bareable for adults to watch.

The Parent Trap (1998) 

Budget: ?

BOX OFFICE US $66,304,095 (USA)

BOX OFFICE UK  £4,996,756 (UK)

Another all time favourite great story line used to watch it all the time when i was younger. It's one of those films that never get old and even though its immature I just find it amusing and like the idea of the story line and plot even if it is a little unrealistic.


The Hangover (2009)

Budget: $35,000,000

Box Office:  $277,313,371 (USA)  

                     £21,620,272 (UK)

Possibly the funniest films I've ever seen . Great actors especially  Zach Galifianakis, what a legend. Saw it the day it came out in the cinemas with my friends, it had the whole cinema histerical.

Step Brothers (2008)



Box Office:  
$100,468,793 (USA)
£6,355,081 (UK)

Great film, another must see. So unlikely but unbelievably funny.
Will Ferrell, what a genuine hero, never fails to disapoint.

Inception (2010)



Box Office
$288,405,376 (USA)
£35,264,403 (UK)

Such a complex but amazing film although i found i had to watch it twice to fully understand it. Leonardo DiCaprio, brilliant actor also in Shutter Island another new release this year. Believe every second of it. 

'In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job till date, Inception.'

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